Asian games village by Raj Rewal Architecture

Asian games village is a multi-family housing project located in Delhi designed by renowned architect Raj Rewal. Rewal used modern architecture style in the Asian games village. in Asian games housing, the urban pattern of Jaipur and Jaisalmer has been exploited.
Asian games cluster
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Project nameAsian games village
LocationDelhi, india
ArchitectRaj Rewal
Building typeHousing
no. of units700
Site area35 acres
  • Asian games village is first of its kind in the game series to house athletes of the Asian games. Builts on the remains of the 15th century khilji dynasty of Siri fort.
  • The complex is situated in siri fort area near hauz khas village, delhi .
site introduction (source: google map)
  • The site is surrounded by Siri fort sports complex on the northern side, shahpur jat village on the southern side, a green belt on the eastern side.
  • The complex has a common entry and exit gate which connects to the main road.
cluster planning
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Asian games village resembles a traditional village and it is compared with city such as jaisalmer.

  • The hierarchy of Courtyards is present at different levels of the complex. The complex consists of 700 housing units out of which 200 were individual houses and 500 apartments which vary from 2 to 4 story structures.

courtyard space
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Design features that used in Asian games village..

  • Clustering of buildings
  • Courtyard providing public space within the building.
  • Scattering of terraces creating an interactive space.
  • Streets are narrow, shaded broken up into small units creating pauses, points of rest, and changing points.
  • Green areas and Courtyards are spread all over the site which can be accessed from almost all sides of the site.
  • Terraces that are formed provide semi-private space which obviously reminds the characteristics of houses of Jaisalmer.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian movement is segregated but closely interlinked for convenience
  • Peripheral roads are connected to cul-de-sac parking areas where it gives access to dividual garages or car porches attached to houses or apartment blocks.
  • The parking space is on the ground only and has no basement or stilt for the same.

Clusters of Asian games village

cluster development
  • The basic unit of 4 apartment is designed in such a way that it is linked with the Courtyard in between to create a variety of interlinking spaces.
  • The central spine of the Asian games village is reserved for the pedestrian courts and streets of various clusters.
  • Each 2bhk flats faces an internal Courtyard
  • A small cluster has 2 apartments on one level served by a single core.
  • A two small cluster share a Courtyard.
  • 3 sets of two clusters each make a big cluster.
  • This cluster faces the Courtyard which internally connected
  • The combination of various dwelling type In an urban pattern of unusual diversity makes the Asian games village quite remarkable.
  • The public Courtyard accommodates a multiple of activities like festivals, marriages, playing area.
  • Its morphology resembles a traditional village, the cubic solid, and void that are characteristics of an Indian urban fabric compared with the city such as Old Delhi.
  • About 80 % of the houses and apartments have access to pedestrian enclosures.
  • The interlocking courtyards are provided to accommodate different functions creating a micro-climate free from dust and heat.
  • The density of Asian games village is 15 units per hector.

Unit planning
unit design
  • Each cluster of Asian games village is 4 storied with 3 apartments.
  • The ground floor has attached garage and storage unit with a small Courtyard on the entrance leading to the main dwelling.
  • As we rise up we can see recess in the facade which acts as a terrace or balcony for the unit. The 2nd floor has a mezzanine floor which acts as the third floor and leads to the terrace.
  • Most of the villas are connected to the main vehicular road directly and have attached parking with the house facing towards the Siri forts sports complex.

Green spaces

  • Asian games village is surrounded by the Lush of green spaces creating a micro-climate which in turn helps to reduce heat effect.
  • The concept is based in the sequence of open spaces interlinked with narrow pedestrian streets shaded and kept alive through a careful mix with recreational and communal areas.

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