cept university Ahmedabad architecture

cept university Ahmedabad is The Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology designed by architect bv Doshi. cept university is the academic institute located near the university area in Ahmedabad. the institute has an undergraduate and postgraduate program in an area where you can feel a more naturally connected environment.


Project namecept university
Architectbv Doshi
year of completed1962
Total site area12.5 acres

Cept is surrounded by some iconic educational campuses and some famous landmarks.
It has two main roads one running from east to west and other from north to south and has a smaller public road. It is also surrounded by some famous buildings.

  • Ahmedabad ni gufa
  • School of engineering and applied science
  • Gujrat univ.
  • Indian post office
  • Mg science institute
cept architecture building
image source: cept university

Site plan:

cept site plan
image source: sambhav jain
  • cept university Ahmedabad consists of 10 buildings on the campus in a total site area of 12.5 acres. measuring about 300 m north-south direction and 150 m east-west.
  • it is a roughly rectangular site with an extension on the eastern side and south end for vehicular parking and southern side having Ahmedabad ni gufa.

Built unbuilt relationship

  • 76 % of the total site area is provided as an open space and 24% as a built form.
  • The open space on campus includes lawns, circulation space, parking, and assembly ground.

Architecture building

cept architecture building
image source: cept university

Architecture block is placed on a northern side and it is oriented in such a way that it will open up directly to central open space. Student can see and feel the green aspect of the site which creates a type of campus which is interconnected with the open and closed spaces.

Architecture block is surrounded by the sculptures, installation, and other artwork which so that he develops into a creative person.


cept staircase
image source: cept university

There are two main entrances to the building one from the south-facing side and the other from the east-facing side. the south-facing entrance leads to the studio whereas the east-facing entrance leads to the faculty building and classes. The south-facing entrance is unique because of its modern staircase.

Architecture studio

cept class room
image source: cept university
  • In any architectural college studios are the main part of the building, this the place where they spend their whole day learning and creating things. B.v. Doshi tried to incorporate the nature and openness inside the studio providing a large opening that opens up directly to open space.
  • opening are designed considering the orientation of the sun so that sunlight will not enter the classrooms.
  • The studios are designed keeping mind the thermal comfort and are designed double height.

Open space relationship

cept open space
image source: cept university
  • bv Doshi designed the campus in such a way that the building blocks merge with the open spaces in such a way that it creates a sense of positivity and peace.
  • Doshi planted the neem trees all over the campus which has so many benefits to the human body.
  • open spaces are designed in such a way that they used as open workshop areas, exhibition areas, and interaction areas.
  • sitting spaces are designed around the trees which used as an interactive space and trees are so big that it creates a shaded area around it.


cept class room
image source: cept university
  • Exposed bricks on the exterior
  • Exposed concrete
  • Glass and iron on windows and openings
  • louvers made of Wood


cept library
image source: cept university library
  • Library of cept university Ahmedabad was designed by Rahul Mehrotra architects in 2016.
  • the library is made of exposed concrete and the primary feature of the building is louvers made of wood which helps in controlling sunrays inside.
  • The library is designed and oriented in such a way that it opens up directly to the open space, it creates a comfortable corner for the reader.
  • Cept library houses more than 46000 books including journals, thesis, and reports.
  • The library is placed in the center of the campus so that it can be easily accessible from any corner of the site.

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