C&P Corporate Headquarters by INNOCAD architects

C&P Corporate Headquarters is an office building designed by INNOCAD architects in Graz, Austria. Headquarter is constructed in 2017 and the total area of the site is 2465 sq.m.

C&P Corporate Headquarters won best office building of the year in 2019.

Project nameC&P Corporate Headquarters
LocationGraz, Austria
ArchitectINNOCAD architects
Area2465 sq.m.

The best office building of the year is an honor coming from all around the world for INNOCAD architecture studio and Martin Leskaj for C&P Corporate Headquarters.

So what was the concept for the world’s best architecture building C&P Corporate Headquarters?

Architects facing a very high heterogeneity in this area, therefore they decided to do a “no-context building” which serves as an anchoring this chaos, so they wanted to do something that has a very clear identity, very strong identity that works like a “Katalysator” (catalyst) for the whole process.

Because it is so strong and gets a lot of attention, it is somehow the anchor for the whole area which is quite important because it is one of the main exits where you approach Graz, also the connection from the airport to the city, so it has a kind of landmark function.

It really came out of the idea of the concept which plays with that contrast and diversity between clarity of the cube and this overlaying with an algorithmic curve that is extruded through space and then overlaying it with clear zoning of the space, and the structural system and also the two skins that give that space in between.

C&P Corporate Headquarters Elevation
C&P Corporate Headquarters Elevation
(source: https://www.archdaily.com/907562/c-and-p-corporate-headquarters-innocad)

No Columns are used in C&P Corporate Headquarters which is based on the context/no-context concept and this is what makes this building so special.

Architect further added: (The structural engineer came many many times with the solution where to put big columns, little columns, hidden columns in C&P Corporate Headquarters, but there was no chance for columns. We found solutions that we hanged down the second layer of the facade which has functional value for shading the building, but we hang it from above. And so that was not a big effort to do this, but in the end, it gives that identity of this floating cube, which is a lasting value of this whole structure.).

The investor of C&P Corporate Headquarters didn’t ask for the best building in the world, but for the architecture that will express the company’s values and make a comfortable working environment. And the budget was strictly limited. One of the firm’s values is innovation, so it was very important for them to realize and to get innovative buildings.

On the other side, INNOCAD architects very dynamic, so they wanted to get a dynamic building somehow. But on the other side, they are still very grounded, which means nowhere should be an investment which is not senseful. Even if it looks like it is something special, a very special building, but the budget was not more than you would have for any random office building.

C&P Corporate Headquarters has a very strict budget, it was very strict monitoring of timetable and budget. This is a masterwork, not just the design, not just the architecture. To stay in time and in the budget, and to build a building like this, this is a real challenge. The most important space for those who use the building is the interior.

Reception Area
Reception Area
(source: https://www.archdaily.com/907562/c-and-p-corporate-headquarters-innocad)

For office buildings, there is always a question- how to design the interior in a manner to make it comfortable and to stimulate the employees to perform well? Architect Lesjak calls for a holistic and humane approach to design and interiors. But it’s always back and forth between privacy and grouping direction.

open space – which does not mean a huge room where you put people in but a floating open space – is really important because it works also on the cognitive level, you can also feel it here, it’s open across five floors, and you feel included because you hear little something and you are not separated in one floor or in one room, but on the other hand, Architect has very complex zoning, so they always play with dimensions, They loved the building like it was designed from the very beginning, it was a love story.

But, programming-wise, they worked a lot with them, so they changed their programming quite a lot. Financers had a lot of – let’s say – “hot faces” where they were almost struggling about one or the other item, about one or the other idea, but in the end, they were very happy that INNOCAD convinced them in many cases.

You need to perform on all levels in the best way you can, not only the aesthetical, not only the functional, not only the social, not only the environment. When you see your work and your project from a holistic level, everything is included. To receive awards and formal recognition and the fact that your architecture is widely respected with previous architecture and interior designs also give a lot of satisfaction. But, public and critical acclaim is not the only or the most important way for Martin Lesjak and INNOCAD to measure success.

The most important measurement of the architect is their personal impression, and how far they reached the goal, I mean which percentage. the architect thinks C&P Corporate Headquarters is a project with a high percentage of reaching the goal – they think that it is more than 90%.

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