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Dandi kutir is the convention center and memorial located in Gandhinagar, Gujrat. mahatma mandir is one of the biggest conventional centers spread around 34 acres designed by Shapoorji Pallonji Engineering and Construction.

dandi kutir
salt mount (source: world architecture)


Project NameDandi kutir
LocationGandhinagar, Gujrat
Area55955 sq.m.
ArchitectShapoorji Pallonji Engineering and Construction
Year of completion2015
ClientR&B Dept Govt of Gujarat

Dandi kutir is inspired by the mahatma Gandhi dandi movement. Dandi movement is the first nonviolent civil disobedience movement in the word. A new Indian era towards independence by Gandhi began with this.

Dandi kutir is the world’s biggest permanent museum to respect Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and dandi movement In the capital city Gandhinagar with the name similar and suitable as dandi kutir, the Gandhi museum.

It is just 20km away from the ahmedabad internation airport and 30km away from ahmedabad railway station.

dandi kutir
salt mount (source: world architecture)

Dandi kutir Concept and Design

A cone-shaped large structure of the museum is a giant replica of salt mound Which defines the success and importance of the dandi movement. It is based on his principles of satyagraha (truthful force), uprising all, and swaraj(self-governance).

Dandi kutir the Gandhi museum is structured in 90diameters with 10,700 square meters of permanent museum area and 1,900 square meters of temporary exhibition area. Dandi kutir is a three-story framework it showcases the childhood reminisces of Gandhi.

A canal of water around the entire structure of dandi is symbolic of the sea. A beautiful landscape garden is designed around the canals.

site plan of dandi kutir
site plan (source: world architecture)

A bridge from the convention center leads to the dandi kutir as a ceremonial entry.

Mahatma mandir is divided into 2 parts, one is dandi kutir built in 2015 and other one is convention center built in 2013.

Dandi kutir has a big convention hall with a capacity of 5000 people and 4 seminar halls from which 3 have the capacity of 500 people and 1 have a capacity of 1000 people.

They also have 6 conference rooms, 9 business meeting rooms, and 3 exhibition halls which creates a high income to the government as many business summits and international level conferences are held here.

interior of dandi kutir
interior (source: world architecture)


Dandi kutir is a modern Digitech museum pill on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. The whole mound structure is 45 meters high.

The top conical form of the mound is made out of glass in order to provide natural and projected illumination on the museum and add aesthetics to it.

rough concrete finish in internal side

the apex of cone
the apex of cone (source: Atelier Dada)

The stainless steel and glass cone is cladded with curves safely laminated back painted glass and weighs about 6.5 tonnes and the height 4.5 meters and diameters of 9 meters.

The design of the structure has been made by keeping the external factors such as air ventilation system mounting and anchoring the structure without conflicting with the existing polycarbonate roof and ensuring that the safety glass obtains from strong winds and hot weather.

Macro economical variables of dandi kutir

1. Employment generation:

Mahatma Mandir is a big project spread around in 1lac 36000 sq. Yards and the total cost of the building was around 215crs.
While construction of this project more than 500 workers Got employed which supports 5000 families and after that for management of the project around 170 workers also get employment which creates a great impact and contribution on the employment generation.

museum of dandi kutir
museum (source: Atelier Dada)

2.Growth of business:

Dandi kutir is the project mainly developed by the government to increase the tourism and scope of business in Gujarat. Dandi kutir campus has a huge capacity to handle 15000 people at one time.

Huge businesses summits such as vibrant Gujarat summit, make in India week, global startup summit, textile expo, logistic Asia, etc have occurred which creates big business opportunities for the state of Gujarat.

business summit of dandi kutir
business summit (source: business summit)

3. Beneficiary for the society

The place where mahatma mandir was constructed had a slum area where 350 families lived as the government had to develop the project they gave a facility of housing to all the 350 families which is a great step taken by the government.

Along with that because of such summits and expos, the local business gets a great platform for developing business which leads to overall growth and development and also increases the standards of living of the people.

Entrance of dandi kutir
Entrance (source: world architecture)

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