Kanchanjunga apartments Charles Correa

Kanchanjunga apartments are one of the famous housing projects designed by Charles Correa located in Mumbai. Kanchanjunga apartment consists of 32 luxury apartments which are a response of the current urban development of the Mumbai city.

kanchanjunga apt.
kanchanjunga apt.


Project nameKanchanjunga apartments
LocationCumbala Hill, Mumbai
ArchitectCharles Correa
Year of construction1983
  • Kanchanjunga Apartments is oriented toward the East-West side so that the building can catch the sea-breeze.
  • The design and orientation of the building are done towards the seaside so that it will get the best viewpoint from the house.
  • The drawback of the orientation of the building is that the direction of the sea- breeze, and view is also the direction of hot sun and monsoon rain.
  • So Charles Correa designed a veranda at which will work as the first line of difference for a house.
  • Designing of deep Varanda and open balcony creates a protective layer for the living room.
  • Kanchanjunga apartments is a 28 story luxurious residential building consists of the different typology of houses varying from 3BHK to 6BHK.
  • Kanchanjunga apartments are one of the finest high rise housing projects in India.


kanchanjunga site plan
kanchanjunga site plan
  • The main idea of Charles Correa for this building is to give a resident feeling of a luxurious bungalow in high rise buildings.
  • If we talk about the planing of the building, it is designed in the centre of the site with a protective green landscape around the building.
  • Landscaping around the building creates a passive cooling effect for a building.
  • Kanchanjunga is located in the main city center having roads on many sides. Traffic jams always happen on the roads lead to substantial noise pollution on the site.
  • Trees on all sides of the building help in reducing noise pollution on the site.
  • The slip method of construction is used in kanchanjunga apartments.
kanchanjunga apt.
kanchanjunga apt.
  • Designed as a concept of “Through Ventilation”, of Kanchanjunga apartments.
  • Charles Correa thinks that dealing with the environment and dealing with energy is much more than building a glass structure and using low yield glass to get a lead certificate.


Kanchanjunga apartments case study
kanchanjunga apartments case study
  • Each house in kanchanjunga apartment provided with the two-story garden terrace.
  • Cross ventilation works very effectively in the building helps in reducing the heat gain.
  • In this figure, you can clearly see a sufficient amount of natural light is coming inside the house.
Kanchanjunga apartments section
(image source: arch daily)
  • The surface at the one end cut away to create a double-height space which gives a whole new sense to high rise buildings.
  • Slab drop is given to the terrace gardens for plantations.
  • A great deal of transparency has been achieved by using a large opening in Kanchanjunga apartment.

Structural system

  • The whole structure of kanchanjunga apartments is made of reinforced cement concrete.
  • Each house has a 6.3 m cantilevered open terrace garden.
  • The central core is consists of lift, the staircase provides the main structural element for resisting lateral load.

Materials and colors

Kanchanjunga apartments
(image source: identity housing)
  • Warm color is used in the terrace garden of kanchanjunga.
  • Warm colors make space look bigger, more open and inviting.

Kanchanjunga apartments plan

Kanchanjunga apartments plan
(image source:identity housing)
Kanchanjunga apartments plan
  • Total 4 house typologies are there in kanchanjunga.
  • Type A is a 3BHK house having a carpet area of 294 sq.m.
  • Type B is a 3BHK house having a carpet area of 242 sq.m.
  • Type C is a 5BHK house having a carpet area of 373 sq.m.
  • Type D is a 4BHK house having a carpet area of 361 sq.m.


Kanchanjunga elevation
  • Different types of square compositions are designed in the elevation which gives it aesthetical uniqueness.

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