Rabindra Sarobar lake Kolkata Landscape architecture

Rabindra Sarobar is the artificial lake in Kolkata designed for the people of the city as a day-tripping point. Rabindra sarobar is spread around 25,000 sq.m. area.

Rabindra sarobar statue
Rabindra sarober statue
(image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)


Project nameRabindra sarobar
LocationKolkata, West Bengal
Area25000 sq.m.
ArchitectAnal Vaishnav, Nouman Malik, Mansi Shah, Mr. Anirban Bakshi
DeveloperMr. Sumit Dabriwala
  • Rabindra sarobar is designed as a urban renewal project in kolkata. it is located at the centre of the city.
  • Rabindra sarobar is covered with the green lash in the entire site. The artificial lake is present at the center of the sarobar. It is one of the public service projects for the people of the city to spend their time and enjoy the place and the lake view. Rabindra sarobar is one of the most popular recreational areas in Kolkata where people from all over the city come.
  • Kolkata improvement trust maintains the sarobar.
Location map of Rabindra sarobar
sarobar walkways (source: google map)
  • Rabindra sarobar is located at the center of the Kolkata city which makes it a popular tourist point.
  • Rabindra sarobar stadium is also located in the green lash area. Large fully grown trees are also there in the site in sarobar making a place cooler and fresh.
  • The main idea of this project was to design a park by using Naturally and locally available materials and provide sitting, relaxing, and playing areas for the people of the city.
  • Different varieties of flora and fauna have been planted around the belt of Rabindra Sarobar lake make it an attractive point for different birds species.
  • Sarobar includes the walkways, cycle track, green mounds, wild grass around the lake making it a treat to visit.

Design and Concept

sarobar walkways
sarobar walkways (image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)
  • Rough stone paver blocks pavements are designed in a circular design which creates a pathway making people follow it in a particular direction but also has freedom of multiple entry points to move.
  • green lush is designed in a particular form to follow the same pattern of movement in pathways. Low maintenance landscape materials are used while designing the sarobar.
  • Pedestrian and vehicular movement is unguarded in the site which gives the sarobar freedom to move around.
  • sarobar is well maintained and has all the public facilities like a cafe, toilets, drinking water.
  • The total area of sarobar is 191 acres out of which 71 acres are the artificial lake area.
  • Around 12,000 people visit sarobar daily for jogging, walking, exercise, sitting, and enjoying the lake.
  • The main concept of the design is to make the lake a focus point. All activities are designed around the lake to make it focus point in sarobar.
sitting area
sitting area (image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)
  • pause points like sittings are designed in every particular distance.
  • Landscape design is done around the trees which gives a message of saving trees in rabindra sarobar.
  • Fully grown trees in the site work as a shading device so that artificial shading is not required which makes the place more natural and greener.
  • Rabindra sarobar is one of the few open spaces in the city that’s why it is a very important ecological reserve for the city and state.
jogging track
jogging track (image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)
  • Different tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling is designed in sarobar makes it a very systematic movement for the people.
  • light poles are designed in each interval.
  • Sittings designed overlooking to the lake creating viewpoints in sarobar.

Issues in Rabindra Sarobar

Landscape design
Landscape design (image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)
  • Unguarded and undefined pedestrian and vehicular movement around the Sarobar.
  • Lake area becomes unsafe in the night because of the less light poles.
  • Anti-social activities.
  • signages are not provided leads to confusion between the visitors.
  • maintenance of the landscape and hardware.
  • dumping of garbage in lake.
cycle track and walkways
cycle track and walkways (image source: worldlandscapearchitecture)

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