villa savoye Le corbusier concept, case study, Floor plan

villa savoye architecture by Le Corbusier, concept, case study, floor plan, interior:

Villa savoye is one of the most famous and renowned architectural building designed by ar. Le Corbusier. He is one of the most significant architects of the 20th century. In 1926 he writes a revolutionary document in which he developed the bases of modern architecture. This document proposes the five points of the new architecture based on le Corbusier’s ideas. The idea is about living in an industrialized world.
In 1929 based on his theories, he built his masterpiece called villa savoye.

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Completed in 1931, Villa Savoye is one of the most famous houses of the 20th century. The building is developed in the International Style of Modernism. In this case study, we will talk about the concept, ideas, and floor plan of villa savoye.

Project namevilla savoye
ArchitectLe Corbusier
LocationPoissy, Paris, France
Architecture styleModernist, international
Year of construction1929
Year of completion1931
OwnerFrench government

Concept:5 points of building architecture

Le Corbusier designed villa savoye based on his ideas about how to live in an industrialized world.

villa savoye
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1.Lift the building over pilotis (columns)

The ground floor of the house, like the street, belongs to the automobile therefore, housing is raised on pilotis to allow the vehicle movements or the green continuity.

The house above is completely ordered and controlled while the earth below is free and available for collective occupation and collective use.
Now for the first time at the villa savoye is a coupling of the object of which the villa is only one.
Eg. The automobile itself a pattern of the object load now comes into the site and moves under the building through the columns interact spatially with the house itself.

At the lower level that the entrance level the curve surface of the industrialized glass which defines the volume of the entry hall is itself determined by the curving radius and the turning radius of the automobile here to object types come together and interacts.villa savoye concept pilotis help in reducing the ground cover and it creates a free moving space for the residents.

Concept of Entrance:

villa savoye entrance
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when you enter the glass wall and enter the entry hall you see first on the one side a ramp that leads you up to the main floor.
Adjacent to the ramp is a sink assemble together with one of the pilotis and a table attached to the pilotis.
There is a kind of assemblage of a column that the sink itself is a mass-produced highly refined functional vessel for cleansing that it almost like its one of the object tip of his purest painting.

The combination of the sink and ramp is unusual. The place you find the combination of sink and ramp is at the entry to religious building like a mosque or synagogue or churches where you first cleanse yourself and then enter slowly and ascend to a sacred space.

The juxtaposition of these various object types creates a kind of relationship or an assemblage that makes connectivity that extends the domain of the house itself out into the industrial world.

villa savoye Staircase:

Now it is the case that even at the villa savoye there’s also a staircase that providers a parallel but different kind of vertical circulation through the horizontal slabs and that combination of ramp and stair they’re actually very close to one another and they connect with each other as you move through that’s also an important apparatus of the architectural promenade.

Open Terrace on the main floor of villa savoye
So as you get on the ramp and go through at the top of the ramp you reach a moment where the staircase has also come up and made a landing so the ramp and the stair connect at the point at that landing you have a choice either you go into the main living space of the house or you move through the glass curtain wall outside into a very large terrace that living space and terrace interact in a very transparent way.

villa savoye open terrace
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There is almost no distinction between the space of the living room and the space of the terrace and indeed in good weather you could slide the glass doors open and it would become the same space.

2.Free designing of the ground floor plan

A building Floor plan should be free from structural conditioning so partitions can be organized.

3.The free facade

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The structure separates from the facade relieving it of its structural function.

The architecture solution of this elementary ribbon window of the enclosed terrace becomes a kind of insistence of this total object and at the same time while we have this kind of functional minimalism of the interior almost like railway sleeping cars like ship cabins, like an airplane.
At the same time, there is an architectural solution that shows its real concern to be the relation of people to these new conditions.
The villa savoye is the epitome of the functional stratification of the section of raising.

First-floor plan

The living room, or the upper floor, are fitted with strip windows that blend seamlessly into the white fa├žade, which void the facades of any hierarchy. The strip windows begin to play with the perception of interior and exterior, which does not fully become expressed until once inside.

In later study, concept of villa savoye is tried to follow for the project called La Roche by Le Corbusier

4.The horizontal window’s concept

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The facade can be cut along its entire length to allow room to be lit equally.

At the villa savoye the spatial articulations of the interior were conceived in relation to an exterior that was itself plastic and still could move around and be different.
At the villa savoye the villa has become a total object through which the intention of the story could be declared.
The signs of the purest composition.(for more picture visit here)

5.The roof garden concept

A structure should give back the space it takes up on the ground by replacing it with a garden in the sky.

The ramp then moves from an interior ramp into an exterior ramp that looks out onto the terrace, it again loops back on itself one more time and you get to the top of the ramp which is the highest point of the second roof terrace where the Corbusier put a warped kind of curvilinear surface punctuated bu a single aperture that frames a view ut into the distant fields and wood beyond.
So you have moved through an environment of an industrialized glass of lamps of automobiles into a more refined space but still a kind of minimalist space of white walls out onto a terrace and then moving up into an area that you get glimpses now of the natural landscape and then finally to the final moment of pause at this aperture where the landscape opens up.

Roof floor plan

Le Corbusier considered goods like access to the earth, access to the sky, open-air to physical health. All these are made possible by the concept he called a machine for living.

The ramp is the primary device that le Corbusier uses to connect different parts of the house. The parts of the house are later connected with each other through staircase and ramps.

In this case study, we talked about the concept, ideas, and floor plan of villa savoye. For more projects visit architectopedia .

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