World one tower Mumbai by Pei cobb architects

world one tower in Mumbai is the world’s tallest residential building skyscraper in India. world one Lodha is one of the futuristic masterpieces of the country designed by architect Pei cobb and associates. construction is started in 2011 and it is still under construction. One hundred and seventeen stories tall, world one tower is the luxurious residential apartment in the heart of the city.

world one lodha
world one lodha (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)


Project Nameworld one tower
LocationLower Parel, Mumbai, India
ArchitectPei cobb and associates
Building typeResidential building
Construction started2011
Building height442 m

Rising majestically above the Mumbai city and the Arabian Sea. One hundred and seventeen stories High World one Mumbai stands as the tallest residential tower in the world. Never before have and perhaps never again will a structure of such monumental significance emerge That too in the very heart of Mumbai.

As the wealthiest city in India, Mumbai attracts an enormous amount of international investment and has seen a large number of modern high rise office buildings and flat spring up in recent decades, its rapid expansion has resulted in historic architecture and rich Marathi culture, rubbing shoulders with glass corporate headquarters buildings in a vibrant and diverse cityscape.

Construction of this three hundred and twenty-one million dollars structure was undertaken by the UAE based Arabian Construction Company and Simplex Infrastructure began in 2011.

Design of world one

world one tower amenities
world tower amenities (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

How developers progressed the project, employing the design skills of Peikoff Freed and partners unique design cloverleaf configuration that provides spectacular and unobstructed views from each resident for the sheer luxury with which it is imbued, every detail seamlessly comes together making it unquestionably the city’s most coveted address set amidst 17 beautiful acres.

open space
open space (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

The World one Tower is juxtaposed against an imaginatively landscaped, elevated park designed by world-renowned landscape designer and public artist Ken Smith, with a sprawling 18000 square meters reserved exclusively for landscaping at World tower. Ken Smith will turn its inventive hand to transform world towers.

Open spaces into something truly magical. The design perspective of the sky residences is based on the creation and amalgamation of luxury and form of spacious rooms, lavish balconies, high ceilings, and exclusivity quotient with a sea view and personalized amenities like a direct elevator and sun decks attached to each living space.

building form of world one
building form (source: Lodha world one Mumbai)

Rising majestically above the Mumbai city and the Arabian Sea, The unique structure will be India’s tallest building and will make a striking addition to Mumbai’s skyline. An exciting new twist in one of the world’s most vibrant cityscapes.

Living room view
Living room view (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

The sense of luxury is brought about with the use of materials and textures like textured silk, leather, wood, silk, blended woolen carpets, Italian marble, gold, leaping, and handcrafted crystal chandeliers. Once completed The World One will offer high-end residences and hotels.

Landscape layout

floor plan of world one mumbai
Landscape layout (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

The landscape is designed into Different zones of amenities such as garden zone, sports zone, kids zone, art and culture space, and poolside and clubhouse. All the luxurious amenities have been provided in the Lodha one Mumbai. (a similar project like this which is 85 story high is Three Sixty West ).

Floor plans

3 bedroom flat

3 BHK Layout
3 BHK Layout (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

3 bed room flat type 2

3 BHK Layout
3 BHK Layout (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

4 bed room flat

4 BHK layout
4 BHK layout (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

4 bhk flat

4 BHK layout
4 BHK layout (source: Lodha towers Mumbai)

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